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  1. scyllan
    scyllan Styrus
    why didnt you tell me druids are trash in vanilla.....
  2. voelkl
    voelkl Kluian
    Hey man do you remember me? I played with you all through most of Vanilla and part of BC.? Played a warrior and shaman
  3. Minimee/Voroth
    Minimee/Voroth Kluian
    14 years later!!!!
    1. acheross
      Yesir i may play clasdic been playing thesse priv servers over the years still havent played anything pass TBC
      Nov 3, 2018
  4. Hel
    Hel Kluian
    What happened to the guild? I know its been like 6 years but when I left we were ranked in like the top 200 guilds worldwide...I guess I just thought GC would survive and continue to be hardcore.
  5. acheross
    acheross Kluian
    whats up bro im on emerald dream vanilla 8 years later right? lol
  6. Karatebear
    Karatebear Myrx
    hi, i noticed the gcg addon downloads page has been consolidated. and for some reason the revised version we did isnt our final version and has lots of bugs. how do i upload new updated for 5.3 version? thanks Karatebear
  7. jwin649
    jwin649 21
    21 its joe!
  8. Dobbers
    Dobbers mczsupra
    knee grow
  9. Joeschmo
  10. moondel
    moondel Kluian
    yo kluian whats going. I talked to brittney yesterday and she told me you might be interested in playing a monk and raiding. If thats the case hit me back up cause id like to talk.
  11. Maharba
    Maharba 21
    Keep it real with the seal
  12. tristan martens
    tristan martens Myrx
    hello my name is Tristan Martens. I want to say first I love the add on. me and my guild use it daily. my guild requests that some changes or additions be made to it though. since you are the creator I would like to bring this to you first. I am willing to pay do have some additions made to the add on. not of gold but real money. please respond or email me [email protected] if you want to help me out .
  13. Williz
    FUSE RO DA!!!
  14. TaunTaun
    TaunTaun Dnt
    Hello Jon,

    Wanted to say whats up and see how you were doing. I am running a night club / restaurant in Connecticut now. How is WoW? I am not sure if this is a personal message or what. But let me know if you want to chat sometime. You must be in college by now right? Anyways see you around.

    1. Dnt
      Apparently this shit isn't private so.. I'll send you a pm :)
      Oct 27, 2011
  15. mczsupra
    mczsupra Mtay
  16. Facialabuse
    Burfday soon.
  17. Dobbers
    Dobbers mczsupra
    wow we have GC facebook walls?!?!?!

    WE SAW LEGS!!!!!
  18. mczsupra
    mczsupra Dobbers
    Check most recent match in my LoL match history.
  19. Inserrection
  20. hckd
    hckd Dnt
    hi dnt :),
    i have 2 questions about the current bis gear (t12).
    first, about the 4 parts, without? crown of ragnaros i think or chest from baleroc?
    second, which trinkets would you commend for bis volcano card + baleroc trinket or ragnaros now with 32%? :P
    would be nice if you could help me <3 <3 <3
    thanks =)
    1. Dnt
      I planned on going with my helm as offpiece from Rag, and probably going with DMC:V + Baleroc trinket, I don't think the rag one is very good, but have to wait and get it and see.
      Aug 7, 2011