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  1. I notice that many of your tanks (Bouba will be the foremost example in the following post) have 5/5 Demo Shout. Can you explain to me why?

    According to:

    As well as www.elitistjerks.com there is no benefit from more than 2/5 Demo Shout, yet your tanks get it? Are you using Curse of Recklessness? Does Illidan have some unusual AP boost?

    How about this... Bouba specs 3/3 Heroic Strike, and he skips 3/3 Focused Rage? As his current spec he passed up 3 rage reduction to ALL offensive skills (INCLUDING HEROIC STRIKE) yet he gets 3 rage reduction to heroic strike? Is he even looking at his talents when he picks them? Please also note as evident by his talent choices (11/13/07) he did not need Imp Heroic Strike to advance in a tree as he did not pass the first level in Arms.

    Also, what kind of tank doesn't get 5/5 Deflection, or maxed Shield Mastery?

    According to:
    Shield Mastery ALSO increases the threat of SLAM, in addition to mitigating damage. Maybe you guys are too far into the game to get the good talents? I guess nerfing yourself to suck must make your farm status content more fun?

    And if these guys are off tanks, for the love of god, why do they not have Imp. Thunder Clap if you guys are efficient? It removes it from the cycle of the MT.

    Given some of your tanks have acceptable builds, some people like Bouba have builds that look like a child started clicking the pretty icons on the screen when his father went away to attend something. Most of your tanks have peculiar selections of talents. Perhaps I am ignorant but can you enlighten me on your fairly drastic and terrible decisions in your prot tree?
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    I just joined, so I can't speak for Bouba, but 5/5 imp demo shout is most probably used to counteract the AP bonus of Curse of Recklessness, which is very useful in that it is roughly equivalent to having an amount of armor penetration the new Executioner enchant provides up constantly in exchange for a small AP gain that can be nullified (almost completely) through talents.

    Some shots in the dark at possible explanations for other concerns: For imp thunderclap, only one person in a raid needs this, so perhaps someone else has it. And for 2/5 deflection, many tanks complain of having too much avoidance to build rage in some encounters. (There's no argument for the Focused Rage bit.)

    My main question is: Are you in GC? Again, I just joined and I'd be concerned if you were in an environment in which you felt you couldn't discuss this directly with your guildies. If not, why the pointed interest in the specs of the tanks?
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    perhaps you're looking at a dps warrior who doesn't care too much how he specs for 5 mans lol
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    But can you beat box?
  5. You came all the way over here to tell us Bouba is a noob? Thanks, though we already know that.
  6. You don't want to even get me started about bouba.

    One warrior in BT/Hijal needs to have it because the imp AP reduction on hard hitting/fast swinging bosses helps alot. (mother shaz/gurtty/naj/azg/archi/teron/multi adds)

    As well only one warrior needs imp TC.

    Since im in almost every raid there really has not been a reason for anybody else to get them.
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    Blood his point was that 2/5 vs 5/5 would do nothing in the ap reduction on a boss because its already at zero. They would still be hitting for the same. However, if you use curse of recklessness which increases the bosses AP, then having more points in imp demo should be better.
  8. Can we use CoE instead of CoR?
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    Sure you sit for the extra warlock!
  10. NO, sit a rogue or something. I'm not sitting.
  11. Why would a bosses AP already be Zero ?
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    It's not already zero, but the idea is using demo shout (with 2/5 imp) brings it to zero. So 5/5 won't bring it below zero and thus woudln't have any affect (unless you raise the boss AP, which CoR does).
  13. really ? hmm thats odd didnt know that then.
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    lmfao you just pwned yourself buhahahaha this is priceless
  15. Hi bouba !