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  1. Hello there :)

    Probably nobody here knows anything about me but I hope you can answer a little question for me.

    Earlier today someone made a post on shadowpriest.com about one of your guild XT hardmode kills and posted damage meters: http://shadowpriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=22678&start=0

    It shows a shadowpriest named Elylia faaaar ahead of everyone else and his/her mind flay hits for nearly twice the damage as for most end-game raiders. Could someone give a short explanation about what's happening there? Is it just a bugged log, did he get a ton of tricks/PI (log doesn't show though) or is he just so uber that he dwarfs everyone else?

    In general spriests are considered relatively weak single-target dps'ers so I'm quite interested to know what happened there in hopes I could learn something and improve my own spriest. Thanks for answering :)
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    That thread on shadowpriest.com is full of all sorts of fail. This is why I will never go to public forums to discuss game mechanics or really anything.

    That being said, there is a new juju from ZG that allows one raider to take 3% of the damage from all dps performed and add it to his base putout.
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    I've been telling everyone to grunt while they dps, finally someone listened.
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    He somehow had the iLvl modifier that vehicles on Flame Leviathan get for a few bosses this week. In addition to the damage he was doing he also had roughly 40k hp. We don't know how it happened, and it was fixed when we did Hodir. It is a legitimate log though. He really did that much damage.
  5. Thanks for the reply :)

    It's quite interesting that there can be such a bug. Makes me wonder how many other top-parses on wowmeter are made in similar conditions.
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    its very easy to check.
  7. Is there anything else that can be done besides comparing average hit damages and see if they are significantly higher than others?