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What type of server should we play on?

  1. PVP

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  2. PVP

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  1. dox

    dox Guild Member

    Posting here so everyone who is playing classic wow can be on the same server once the release the list.

    If you are planning to play post here and lets decide what server to play on so we can reserve our names when the time comes.

    Edit: We are rolling on Herod Horde
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  2. dox

    dox Guild Member

  3. demps

    demps Guild Member

    I'll be playing with a decent sized group on one of the Eastern PVP servers. Shame there aren't any central ones.
  4. dox

    dox Guild Member

    Yah EST is likely going to be were we land as well. I am trying to see if there is any more info before making a final decision. Faerlina or Herod?
  5. dox

    dox Guild Member

    Looks like we have chosen Herod, make sure you reserve your name on there Monday.
  6. demps

    demps Guild Member

    I presume horde?
  7. dox

    dox Guild Member

    Yes, Herod Horde
  8. Rezion

    Rezion Guild Member

    I'm currently planning to roll with about 6-10 buddies on Whitemane PVP server, Horde. Anyone else going that way?
  9. demps

    demps Guild Member

    We're all Herod Horde
  10. What's up, I was in GC for a couple months, but I had left the guild before the server transfer. Can I get the discord info to stop in and say hi?