Does GC plan on playing Warhammer Online?

Discussion in 'Public Board' started by TheJerk, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Been watching you guys since your Stormreaver days, does GC plan on starting a guild in Warhammer Online?
  2. Frore

    Frore Administrator

    No formal plans, no
  3. Tenko

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    gosh i hope not. i've been watching my roomate play beta....just not impressed. though i do like that you can queue for their "bg" games from anywhere in the world
  4. I played beta i was definitely not impressed.
  5. damn that sucks, i havent seen beta yet so i was hoping warhammer would rock my pants but i guess not : (
  6. Frore

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    I wouldn't base your judgment on 2 people's under-a-paragraph commentary on a WoW forum :p
  7. Frore

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    I really like the level progression of the game and how the storyline is structured. RvR zones are a blast when both sides start slugging it out, quests actually for the most part advance the story in your personal journal instead of "kill 10 bears." People that don't like reading are gonna qq though since most quests, discoveries and achievements go heavy on you with the information given about how it relates to current events in the game world. (ie, they're long reads compared to wow)

    They're still polishing the higher end stuff so hopefully that turns out good. I preordered and will be trying it out on an open PvP server.
  8. The video above is featured at the end of this post by Ming which talks about tanking careers in pvp. In addition the guy that shot the vid is working with a pro team on a thottbot/wowhead type site you might use as a reference or mod source after launch. So if you wanna help out you can just bookmark it for now as the site development moves along for launch.