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    The download links for the GC Gambler addon have been moved so people no longer need to sign up on our forums to download the addon. Please go to this page:

    Feel free to continue discussion about the addon within this thread, as well as submit your revised versions. They might eventually get added to the main download page.
  2. Re: Gentlemens Club Gambler

    I still think this is the best add on ever made...<3 you Myrx.
  3. This is seriously the GREATEST mod of all time. Its so simple but can literally spend hours playing with it.

    Quick question though, is there any way to add maybe a drop down menu to change the channel it gets played in? I realise this could open it up to be exploited to maybe limit it to Party Guild and Raid or something to that effect?
  4. This gcg addon has been updated to 0.4

    There are many new changes added along with a new layout. The gcg addon layout now look like this:

    If you like it, just replace the current gcg with version 0.4 (or Ropetown2).

    -- Ropetown changelog:
    -- #2, or 0.4 :
    - /gcg show|hide will save between sessions
    - added [x] in corner for quick close (will reshow on next reload, or can /gcg show)
    - stats now do top/bottom 5
    - real/fake roll selection button (fake rolls do not count towards stats)
    - strictly only accept "1" (rather than "1 " and other various "1xx" non-"1" strings
    - accept "-1" to withdraw from a roll (only before rolls are locked in via "Roll now!")
    - many bug fixes / interface improvements
    - @gcg name in RAID or WHISPER to check an individual person's stats
    - /gcg joinstats [main] [alt] to include alt's win/losses with main
    - /gcg unjoinstats [alt]
  5. Been using GCG for a few years, I took a break from wow this past year and just came back a few days ago, i picked up the latest ver of GCG and found a few bugs. i.e when only 2 players rolling having a high and a low tie break roll could result in player1 owing palyer1 0 gold. didnt care for the fake/real roll. so changed to party or raid. my co worker came in and started helping and wouldnt say rewrote per se but cleaned up code and we added/edited some. he insisted on changing the name, but I wanted to make sure you still get credit so heres our version. feel free to implement the changes if you like.

    Changes include: no more fake/real roll it's now used for either in party chat or raid chat. Tiebreaker bug fixed. if only 2 players and its a tie, no payout, new roll. added /ban name /unban name for banning non payers or unbanning those that wish to make amends. /listban (displays list of banned palyers) is still being worked on, non functioning atm.

    Thanks for the great add-on guys hope you like the revisions

    Karatebear - Tichondrius
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    Game is crap! I lost 13k gold last night! I want it back!
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    Hey it's okay. I wrote the damn addon and I haven't ever won.
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  8. How would I add a "whisper" command to this sendchatmessage?
    local string3 = strjoin(" ", "[GCG]", tostring(GCGGambler.strings):gsub("^%l", string.upper),"still needs to roll. Slacker!")

    I want it to whisper the individual instead of spamming chat ?
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    myrx mad
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    I wrote the addon in a day four years ago. It's asinine to think I would still maintain it.
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    Oh he mad. You should host it on a site with ads so you can make some moneys
  14. does it work on a mac?
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  16. Hi Guy's
    I've got a little Problem with this Addon

    If I run it on the English Client it work's perfectly, but if I try to run it on the German client it won't work fine.

    It recognises the "1" in the raid chat of every Player, but it ignores the roll's of them and does nothing

    It only say's : "[GCG] [Player] still needs to roll." if i press "ROLL!" again...

    Do you know how to solve this Problem??

    Greetings Moritz

    (sorry for my bad English btw ^^)
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    It's parsing the exact text of how a roll message looks on the English client. I suggest you open the .lua file and modify that string to look like whatever the hell a German roll looks like. English != German.
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  18. Please tell me what string to change to work in any localization?
  19. Thank you for your quick answer :)
    I tried to fix it the way you told me, but I am not sure if I got it right (server's are still down on maintenance ^^)

    In English it say's "[Player] rolls [Number] (1-100)" if I'm correct, and in German it say's "[Player] würfelt. Ergebnis: [Number] (1-100)" [I know it sound's dumb -.- sometimes I hate my Language]

    What exact Line do I have to modify now?
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    Sounds like you just need to change "rolls" to "würfelt. Ergebnis:". A screenshot of you rolling would help confirm this for me.