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    Download a newer version from somewhere in this thread.
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  2. First off I want to thank you guys for this addon, it is awesome and has served as a great source of fun for my guild. Currently we would like to know if we could some how modify the addon to Produce all of the messages into another Channel, BoAGCG ( channel 5 for me ) I have attempted to Just Change the out put of a line such as

    SendChatMessage(string.format("%s %s %d total", sortlistname, sortsign, math.abs(sortlistamount)), "RAID");
    SendChatMessage(string.format("%s %s %d total", sortlistname, sortsign, math.abs(sortlistamount)), "5");
    and to
    SendChatMessage(string.format("%s %s %d total", sortlistname, sortsign, math.abs(sortlistamount)), "BoAGCG");

    both resulted in the message not sending. I was wondering if Possibly RAID is predefined in a different location and I could just change the meaning of this in the script or if you happen to know another way to edit this to allow it to change this up. Thanks a lot for your time and in reading this. I hope you have a good day.
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  4. Thanks for that link, But I cant seem to get it to output to my Custom channel, Swaping RAID with GUILD made it move to guild but I cant get it to move to my own channel. Any idea how to get this to out put there?
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    SendChatMessage(s , "CHANNEL", nil, 5);
    or for you

    SendChatMessage(string.format("%s %s %d total", sortlistname, sortsign, math.abs(sortlistamount)), "CHANNEL", nil, "5");

    I think this should work for outputting to channel 5.
  6. You are awesome man, All the outputs are working perfectly now it is going to channel 5 with no issues, I now need to look in the script to make it look at channel 5 for 1's not raid.

    So I found what I need to edit,

    if ((event == "CHAT_MSG_RAID_LEADER" or event == "CHAT_MSG_RAID")and AcceptOnes=="true") then
    if (tonumber(tostring(arg1),10) == 1) then
    if (not GCGambler_LASTCALL_Button:IsEnabled() and totalrolls == 1) then
    if totalrolls == 2 then
    GCGambler_AcceptOnes_Button:SetText("Accept Ones");
    --SendChatMessage(format("%s%s%s","[GCG] ", tostring(arg2), " Pressed 1"),"CHANNEL",GetDefaultLanguage("player"),"6");

    But I need the Chat_MSG_RAID to pull from channel 5 such as I am doing with the output.

    I looked it over and I have attempted things such as "Chat_MSG_CHANNEL", 5 and "Chat_msg_channel", nil, 5. Sadly this did not fix where it pulls from. I will keep you posted on if I get it fixed, if you have time and are able to help It would be much appreciated.
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  8. Both
    if ((event == "CHAT_MSG_RAID_LEADER" or event == "CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL5")and AcceptOnes=="true") then


    if ((event == "CHAT_MSG_RAID_LEADER" or event == "CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL")and AcceptOnes=="true") then

    Resulted it it only accepting the 1 from raid channel
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    You may have to register the new event. Look up the raid message event and see if I registered it anywhere. Also, stop sticking random 5's places. That's. It how programming works.
  10. I have tried to download all the newer versions of this addon and they're in my addon folder but when I log in I can't use it. I'm using the /gcg show command but it says that's not a command. Are these versions no longer up to date? I took the last one linked on this thread.
  11. How do you make it work on you client D:
  12. It doesn't work on my client, please fix it.
    I use german client and the addonversion from the topic.

    After "Roll!" and everyone rolled, it doesn't count and is still waiting for the rolls.
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    You know GC broke up right? I doubt you'll ever get an update from here again. Time to learn how to code addons yourself if you want to keep this up to date.
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    How the hell did the Germans even find out about this? I wrote this addon in a day during a Black Temple raid back when that was actually current content. I never intended to localize it to every language supported by WoW.
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    The Germans find out about everything.
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  16. We used that addon during trash and during trashtalk and now I want to have it, too.. :<
    I don't need a german version, it just shall work on the german client. :O
    There is just a problem with the indentifying of the rolls in chat.
    Maybe I need to change the name of the raidchannel?
    Dunno how it is named in english client

    Much love from germany to you <3
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    It is parsing the text that is output to the screen when you actually type /roll. So it needs to be updated to German text, so you actually do need a German version.

    Since I'm so nice follow those instructions. I helped a German guy fix it once, but he made the changes on his end not me. If you do the two steps you will be okay.

    1. change "rolls" to "würfelt. Ergebnis:"
    local player, junk, roll, range = strsplit(" ", temp1);
    if junk == "rolls" and GCGambler_Check(player)==1 then
    local player, junk1, junk2, roll, range = strsplit(" ", temp1);
    if junk1 == "würfelt." and GCGambler_Check(player)==1 then
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  18. does anyone have the file and able to upload one that works? i looked back a few pages and the ones i clicked on are not working as of 5.0 and i miss this addon haha.
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    None in this thread probably support 5.0 if blizzard did API changes.