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    Just string split on - and only keep the first string result. Shouldn't affect local realm players.
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  2. thanks for the fast reply!

    are you talking about changing this:

    if strlower(GCGambler.strings[i]) == tostring(player) then
    to this:

    if strlower((strsplit("-", GCGambler.strings[i]))) == tostring(player) then
    if so, then i tried that and it didnt work. maybe the code is wrong or im changing the wrong thing?
  3. ok so someone else figured it out for me. ill post the change here in case anyone else wants the fix

    line 114: add
    arg2=strtrim(strsplit("-", arg2))
    line 143: add
    arg2=strtrim(strsplit("-", arg2))
    line 405: add on a new line
    player=strtrim(strsplit("-", player))
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  4. I added these three lines to my gcg but for whatever reason it is still having problems. Instead of Truncating Sensyn-Sargeras to Sensyn it truncates it to Nsyn and instead of truncating Xaritte-Sargeras to Xaritte It is truncated to Xaritt. So you can't finish the roll because it is waiting for Xaritt and Nsyn to roll. However it does get Armyn-Sargeras to truncate properly. Any idea what that would be about? I am using version 4.20

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  5. Yeah it seems I will occasionally have some problems with it cutting people's names short. Not exactly sure why it does it, or how to fix it. However it still seems to be a problem with the connected realm people. If I find a fix I will post it here.
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  6. Hey guys, so it seems I got it fixed.

    Please note it will only work for people on your own server as that is all you can trade with and I did not care to fix it for anything else, Credit to the other guys who have done edits to this. I also Rebuilt the UI of it I am dubbing this one

    Gentlemens Club Gambler V 5.4.7 - Look lower for new update.

    If you Prefer the ui from the v4.20 just swap out the .xml file they will both work.
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  7. I'll have to give it a test when I get home today. When you say people on your server do you mean people also on the connected realms?
  8. When I say people on my own server I mean, Subrandom - Kil'jaeden and Bob - Kil'jaeden

    I did not test with anyone else Subrandom - Kil'jaeden and Bob - illiden

    If you Prefer the ui from the v4.20 just swap out the .xml file they will both work.
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  9. Oh I understand now. Well as far as I knew the original add on was working correctly for people on your server. The problem was it recognizing people that were on a connected realm. The fix that I posted was supposed to make it recognize those connected realm character names. But it had a problem with cutting their names short sometimes.

    I'll test your version out on some connected realm people though and see if it fixed that issue.

    Would you mind listing the change in code you did? I've been teaching myself and its always help full to see what others did to fix a problem.
  10. Mostly what I did was go back and make sure the aliment was working, I then reworked the UI mostly. Connected realm does not matter as you cant openly trade with them. So I dont see a reason to allow them into the rolls.

    I mostly just kept fiddling with it until I have been able to play with all 25 people in my guild with no issues. It was mostly just fixing the reset codes and making sure the codes Aline with the v4.20 and comparing it with my older code. So not much was swapped but it is working for me and my guildys so I thought I would share.
  11. Actually you can trade with connected realm people. My server (Lethon) has merged with 4 other realms. Those 4 other realms can trade among each other. That's what I mean by connected realm. Cross realm is what you are probably thinking of. You cannot trade with people from those realms because they were not merged. That was the whole reasoning for me trying to fix the GCG add on.

    I'm not saying you are lying about it not working for your realm. Now that there are merged realms blizzard impljmented that every character name, no matter if they are your realm, will have the realm name after their actual name. So the fix was necesarry for it to work with anyone nowadays.
  12. Ok well it seems to still be messing up. It is still cutting names short. It might not do it for any of your guild members but it does for mine. It is also doing it to connected realm people still.

    I am getting some local errors with your new version though Subrand0m:

    1x <string>:"GCGambler_Frame:OnLoad":3: attempt to call global "GCGambler_Frame_OnLoad" (a nil value)
    <string>:"*:OnLoad":3: in function <string>:"*:OnLoad":1
    1x <string>:"GCGambler_EditBox:OnTextChanged":1: attempt to call global "GCGambler_EditBox_OnTextChanged" (a nil value)
    <string>:"*:OnTextChanged":1: in function <string>:"*:OnTextChanged":1
    Thanks for your update though on the addon!
  13. So I took it back to the drawing board this time pulling in a good friend who is a programer, he kicked me back the script are I have yet to have any issues with it.

    As with before it has my rebuilt UI You are welcome to use the 4.20 XML it will work just as good. Hope you enjoy.
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  14. I updated this to work with WoW Classic. I basically just updated it to handle where it used to use "true" and "false" as strings, they are now literals. And player names like Playername-Servername are returned for AddUser, but not for rolls, so I made it so that the playernames don't have the server name included.

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