Grats guys - love from oldschool SR

Discussion in 'Public Board' started by Deyjin, May 29, 2009.

  1. Just saw you guys on MMO-Champion and wanted to drop you a big fuckin grats on Algalon w3.

    Algalon is the only boss I haven't killed in the entire game... he and ignis (Don't ask) and would just die for a chance to get at him (and all the hard-modes contained within)

    So I obviously envy you, and wish you the best in future endeavors.

    -Deyjin from Stormreaver

    P.S. GJ on beating Impervious to the Algalon 10m American 1st =p (Dunno if you guys still consider them rivals or not)

    P.P.S. Whatever happened to Original Gangstaz? I figured you guys would know.
  2. Frore

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    how is stormreaver doing? did the lag improve after the mass exodus?
  3. Dunno, I left about a year after BC launch
  4. koldizzle

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    That's a name I haven't heard in a long ass time!

    They're long, long gone.
  5. Few of the OG members reside in Torment on Illidan. I still say GC was the death of OG.
  6. Slamulous and Mortivore killed OG. Cyrk could not handle the butthurt brigade swallowing up his manhood (did that sound gay?). Old water under the bridge IMO, but still a fun piece of history. What's doubly fun is that half of OG became GC during Naxx.
  7. Deadhead

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    Cyrk quit after Patchwerk was killed, and a stupid sub-guild called Severance formed. And the guild leader, Katak, was a vet raider who never really talked during raids and had a clique that he favored heavily. Without all the officers and some of the members, the guild was not going to be anywhere near as good as it once was. I left at this time and came over to GC, first night being our first kill of Thaddius. Since that time, others from original OG came over to GC, although Commodus quit already and Kanehbosm has become more casual. I believe Severance went thru some mergers and I've seen old OG scattered over Stormreaver, but the ones I've seen are in guilds that aren't progressed far at all (or weren't thru BC/Wrath).

    And the death of OG was Cyrk quitting and disbanding the guild.

    Although I believe Cyrk is back now and leading (or just an officer) of a PvE focused guild again on Stormreaver.
  8. Good to hear - I always wondered about that... Severance was ok btw - I always considered GC and Impervious to be SRs finest...

    In any case - It would be killer to play with you guys again, shame.
  9. Wow i actually kind of remember this.... ah the good olde days eh.
  10. There were some glorius moments.
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    I think Cyrk is in a guild called Iniquitous, or something like that.. I'm quite sure Hooch is in the same guild, with some others like Derive, Zaub and Izzom.. I even heard Commodus was back, but that's like.. yeah that's whatever.