Hey old school players

Discussion in 'Public Board' started by acheross, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Just saying hi to thosse of you who may remember me i just started playing WoW vannila on Emerald Dream for fun.

    Love the bird master Acheross ;)
  2. Kluian

    Kluian Fearless Leader

    I remember you :)
  3. Latoya

    Latoya Guild Member

    Acheross of the Internet.
  4. Deadhead

    Deadhead Guild Officer

    Hi. Lol
  5. How have you guys been, i hope your all well. I still cant believe it was 8 years ago we were all playing, i got a shaman on Vanilla WoW in the server Emerald dream level 21 thus far. I been siting reminiscing of the old times mumra and slamulous haha...
  6. Hel


    Holy $hitballs! Kluian, Mryx you guys still play!? Man its been forever, how are you guys?
  7. Myrx

    Myrx Guild Member

    I don't play anymore. Too hard to play mmos after having a kid.
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  8. Malb

    Malb Guild Member

    Kids crush all your dreams, at least until they get older. I keep waking up every morning hoping my daughter can use an xbox controller. I did play her in zombie dice two days ago and I lost, I had the tweak the rules but still, that game hates me.
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  9. Gracchi

    Gracchi Guild Member

    Never let your kids beat you! lol Until they're like 20 and can actually beat you. Make 'em work for it.
  10. Hello Acheross of the internet. Did you ever manage to find the Hand of Ragnaros at Home Depot that you called about?
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  11. Shoosta

    Shoosta Guild Member

    Jesus, I forgot you have a kid now.
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  12. Lol no maharba they never had it. Crazy that was about 10 years ago almost
  13. Frore

    Frore Administrator

    We really should have bought into that 40 person discount gym membership to increase our stats.
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  14. Ah man my old mentor. Why you ever recruited someone who had a satellite DSL connection, I'll never know.

    Having said that, I guarantee you all that I was definitely the best player in the guild had my connection worked.
  15. Alteration

    Alteration Guild Member

    Wow, I'm at home visiting my mom and found this page on the bookmarks of her computer. Looteration traded in all his loot for a national paramedic license and a washington state firefighter level 1 certification. Actually getting a little nostalgic right now :(
  16. Malbuth

    Malbuth Guild Member

    stop lying alteration. i know you still work at that movie theater.
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  17. Alteration

    Alteration Guild Member

    Stuffin' bags full of popcorn and stuffin' the ticket girl in the back room.

    That second part didn't actually happen, but you could imagine if it did right?!
  18. Letum

    Letum Casus

    Those troll video clips were the best. I really liked the library one.
  19. shizaku

    shizaku Guild Member

    ahh shit whats up acheross!
  20. Hails

    Hails Guild Member

    Word - Acheross from the motherfucking internet.