Hey old school players

Discussion in 'Public Board' started by acheross, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Lol what up.. Forgot about this post, I'm playing on Nostalrius 1.12 now, Just messing around its pretty cool a lot of old school Stormreaver players on here.
  2. Hey hows it going. Was just getting nostalgic about the good old days of raiding, haven't done any real gaming for a several years now. Not sure if I'm remembered much, I wasn't around for more than a year iirc.
  3. dox

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    I remember you!
  4. Got nostalgic on hearing the Nostalrius petition update. Even our nostalgia threads are silent for over a year these days.
  5. Necro thread is necro; I still see a lot of familiar names ;-)

    Edit: Already a member on this forum for 11 years lol, good old times!
  6. Hails

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    Yeah. Remembering GC Stormreaver days..