Hey old school players

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  1. Lol what up.. Forgot about this post, I'm playing on Nostalrius 1.12 now, Just messing around its pretty cool a lot of old school Stormreaver players on here.
  2. Hey hows it going. Was just getting nostalgic about the good old days of raiding, haven't done any real gaming for a several years now. Not sure if I'm remembered much, I wasn't around for more than a year iirc.
  3. dox

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    I remember you!
  4. Got nostalgic on hearing the Nostalrius petition update. Even our nostalgia threads are silent for over a year these days.
  5. Necro thread is necro; I still see a lot of familiar names ;-)

    Edit: Already a member on this forum for 11 years lol, good old times!
  6. Hails

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    Yeah. Remembering GC Stormreaver days..
  7. A bunch of us came back for Legion and xferred over to Uther (we may move again next xpack). Here's a list of us old SR/GC folks that raided together in Legion:

    Mardok (Holyjoint)

    and some who popped in and out:

    Tylan (jr and sr)
  8. Slam and mumra!!
  9. Hails

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    Hello, Slam.

    Wow - I remember a lot of those names.

    Hope you guys are all doing well.

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    At this point aren’t we all old school players???
  11. Legendairy

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    No, Go back to the gym you fucking guido.
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    I hit a 20lb PR last night, let ya girl know.
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    I know this is kind of a random question, but does anyone have a video of our first M'uru kill? I have a bunch of videos, but that one has always evaded me... :(
  14. Nahh lol
  15. Hails my nigga my nigga
  16. you all gonna play on classic servers?
  17. Triumvirate

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    I'm coming back when it releases.
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    Sup guys. I played with some of you back during bwl naxx. I played an undead warrior Batista/Audigy possibly Klipsch. Anywho i have a small discord running if any of you care to get in touch or just wow chat.


    Who’s kickin? Say hi!
  19. Link expired mate :\
  20. voelkl

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