Hey old school players

Discussion in 'Public Board' started by acheross, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Rezion

    Rezion Guild Member

    Hey guys... Can't believe all these old names. How are people doing?

    Just ran into Koldizzle on the stress test, and he mentioned I should hop on the forums again to say hi.

    Are there any plans for the old school guys getting together for Classic?

    Slam, Acheross, Klu, Deadhead, Malb, Maharba, Hails, Raxus, Mardok, Syn, and even more. OMG. The nostalgia guys, it's too much.
  2. voelkl

    voelkl Guild Member

    I had an open discord for a while but no one dropped by. I could make a GC discord and leave it open permanently.

    I think Atlantez stopped buy but we failed to connect.

    Anywho here’s a link to a discord and I’ll change the name to GC Guild


    Feel free to say hi.
  3. dox

    dox Guild Member

    FYI we already have a Discord for GC, I assume we will be using that to coordinate everything when we start playing Classic. Check the sticky if you need access to the guild member section which has all the discord info.
  4. voelkl

    voelkl Guild Member

    I don’t have access for some reason.

    My old name was Batista
  5. Hotboxia

    Hotboxia Guild Member

    Hello everyone Krox the UD rogue here from old times. Currently still playing classic vanilla on private servers and thought to check the old GC forums. Playing with Zewl right now would love to catch up with yall! Good times
  6. YOOOOOOOOO anyone on Faerlina? I'm loving classic except I rolled druid and nobody told me theyre trash until TBC :(