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    while its just a game... i dont appreciate getting mocked and laughed at in a battleground.... while all of you dickheads waste all of your lives glued to the computer.... some of us recreational players cant compete with the gear you have.... but to be laughed at over it... ill only say this...

    i hope every one of you dork dickheads dies in real life... only after your worthless ****ing children die of cancer right in front of your ****ing eyes.... if they are sick or dying or hurt right now... good.. i would ****ing spit on them if i could...

    so... **** you and die cocksuckers
  2. cry more noob!
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    Oh man...can you pls include your player name and we can make macro's to continue said "mocking" with one button ease?
  4. smells jealousy
  5. Dude I so hope it was me.
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    I've been yelling at people in battlegrounds all day i hope it was me
  7. lemme get this straight - we're the nerds/losers with no life when you're the one flipping **** cakes after getting rolled and made fun of? you take the time to look up our website just so you can make some retarded post about how you got mocked. jesus you sir are one big fvcking idiot.
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    ROFL Nugs that video owns.

    and to the op... stfu
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    Haha you suck faggot.
  11. it is you with no life or care for life to say words like that kid. only someone with a ****y life would say those words to another person. so please Mr dott head STFu and ill spam /lol and /spit once more when i kill you
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    go farm some HWL gear, easy enough now
  13. Haha I think I was there when this happened yesterday. It was Achoo (spelling?) that commented on this guy, his name was Chaam forgot what server, in a wsg match. Said something about having his gear back in 1998. I guess he got upset and left the battleground. Thanks for your nerd rage and entertainment, it has been duly noted.
  14. sounds like somebody needs a hug.
  15. HAHAHAHA I win!
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    This post needs a necro and more content

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    This is the kind of awesomeness that cries to me to play again.
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