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Discussion in 'Public Board' started by Mortivore, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. greetings

    Wondering which of you, if any, are planning to pick up and play Warhammer. If you're some nub I don't know don't bother replying.
  2. Where is the love?
  3. koldizzle

    koldizzle Guild Member

    sup holmes, i personally am not involved in warhammer.. our boy corp is mad into that stuff, and i know alot of the bouba brigade are playing on dark crag? they always talkin about bright wizards and herders, i don't really follow..

    what's your take on the game, possibly worth the pickup?

    and nice seein your name again ;)
  4. Cucumbler

    Cucumbler Guild Member

    As far as I know, anyone in our guild that is playing is on Dark Crag with the exception of one or two on Throne of Skulls (whatever its called). The majority of us are playing Order, some are on Destruction. None of us are playing as "Gentlemen's Club" though.
  5. Royalmage

    Royalmage Guild Member

    How have you been? Long time no see.
  6. Frore

    Frore Administrator

    I think I'm isolated on Skull Throne :/
  7. Seasons greetings. I'm holdin it down in the free world. Always good to hear from old friends.
  8. I haven't actually seen it in action yet regrettably. Do you know where Corpavore is at in the game?
  9. Twohearted

    Twohearted Guild Member

    Mortivore, were you on Cho'gall by any chance? Undead warlock?
  10. Malb

    Malb Guild Member

    Hi Mort
  11. Kluian

    Kluian Fearless Leader

    Yeah undead warlock is really narrowing it down there.
  12. Twohearted

    Twohearted Guild Member

    OK, shit guild named Unleashed, undead warlock on Cho'gall.
  13. Reyia

    Reyia Guild Member

    Hi mort, i miss you <3
  14. Nope. For those who don't know, I played an Undead warlock named Mortivore with Memento Mori on Stormreaver which eventually evolved into Gentlemens Club and migrated to Korath. Slamulous and I rolled a splinter guild and I toyed with a warrior named Provocation for a while. Good times were had by all.
  15. Malb

    Malb Guild Member

    What is this Memento Mori you speak of
  16. Nice to hear from you, Rey and Malb. Are you guys both still on WOW? Either of you planning on playing Warhammer?
  17. Malb

    Malb Guild Member

    Probably not. I stopped raiding back in the Spring to finish up my thesis, I moved out to CA to start a job at Berkeley but atm I don't have any gaming plans, though my guess would be probably not in the way of WoW or WH. Though I plan to play Diablo 3 when it comes out, whenever that is. What have you been up to?
  18. Me and some friends made the trip down to Chicago again this year for Lollapalooza (flagrant drug usage FTW!). Stayed over at James' again, saw some Noah, got deep into some nose candy and saw some kickass shows. Already looking forward to next year.
  19. I'd certainly be a liar if I said I didn't wanna pick up the mouse again and stabulate some birds with my old GC and Team Handulous homies. I just dont know if I have the time.

    Maybe some of you could do some convincing :wink:
  20. Reyia

    Reyia Guild Member

    I dabble in some wow-age when I can, I have been pretty busy these days myself, but i still plink around a few toons man, I hope things are goin good with you bro, been a long time since I saw you around, even longer since I saw James, and good ol Noah,

    I did recently speak to Whisky, he's playing warhammer he said, playing with some old GC crew which is awesome.

    All this nostalgia man! good times good times!