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  1. Hi GC members,

    First of all, congratulations for your achievements in Ulduar so far. I'm a WOW player from Taiwan. A few of my friends killed Algalon last week and they tried "Herald of the Titans" this week. After they brought Algalon down, no achievement show up. They were wondering about what is the item they equipped which didn't fullfill the requirements of the achievement. So here's the question about Herald of Titans:

    1. Is it ok to equip weapons with ilv. 232? (the tooltip says no larger than 226, but some discussion showed 232 weps are ok.)
    2. If answer to question 1 is yes, are the 232 weapons limited to hard mode drops in 10-man Ulduar? (Our MT used tanking gun dropped of heroic Razorscale, and our resto shaman used S6 healing shield required 1850 rating, which has an ilv of 232.)
    3. We're not sure whether librams, sigils, idols, and totems counted as weapons or normal items.

    That's it! Thank you, hopefully you'll get heroic Algalon soon, and sorry for bad English.
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    The only items that we took off were ilvl 239 25 man hard mode gear. If you didn't get the achievement someone was wearing an ilvl 239 piece. Make sure you have a mod that can show you the ilvl of a piece of gear. That way you can inspect everyone and make sure they aren't retarded.
  3. Hi GC members:

    I'm the raid leader of the group Marculescu mentioned. Last week we killed Algalon with a few ilv. 239 pvp weapons, and this week we decide to put on our ilv. 232 weapons. We are very sure that we only have to change our weapons because we didn't get any gears in the 25man hard mode. As no achievement jumped out in the end of the fight, we suspected that Furious Gladiator's Totem of the Third Wind and 25man weapons (for example, the tank gun dropped by Razorscale) was the problem. I've checked all gears ilv. before the fight( with some UIs) and it showed that we didn't have any ilv. 239 gears.

    We searched US forum but we have no clue on our situation, maybe it is a bug just nobody mentioned before. We don't have US wow accouts so we can't post our problem in offical forums.

    By the way, thank you for your Algalon kill video. It helps us a lot and we got the TW-3rd Algalon kill.(1st kill in Taiwan is a guild from China named Stars, and the 2nd kill is a PuG in our server, that's incredible!)

    Sorry for bad English, and hopes GC can bring down 25 Algalon soon!


    Tw-Wrathbringer <Godlike> Kuonet
    Our Alaglon movie: YouTube - TW-Wrathbringer 10-man Raid vs. Algalon
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    Yeah I wouldn't use any 232 items that aren't in your MH or OH weapon slot. We may of only used 10 man 232 weapons, and not 25 man. I can't exactly recall.
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    i was using a 232 25 man weapon for our kill
  6. Hi GC members:

    We got the title today. The problem was Furious Gladiator's Totem of the Third Wind. It seems totems, idols, and relics can't use ilv. 232 version. Only ranged weapons and thrown weapons are permitted.

    Still thank you for your help.
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