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Discussion in 'Public Board' started by Macloud, May 15, 2008.

  1. Hi guys. Macloud from Venerate. I was just wondering if you guys are sticking to your cats/ravagers (i.e. favorite pets or something) for Brutallus or if you're using Windserpents with the new 3:2 macros that put LB in the macro itself. We made our first real attempts at Brut last night, and even though we mostly worked on positioning, we did do a few numbers attempts. I was reading on the EJ forums that a few people have gone back to using Windserpents on some of these fights, and I wasn't sure if I should break out my old one and give it a shot. Are the numbers (if you have experience) really that different?

    I tried to check your kill screenshots but I didn't seen any pets out. I also don't have access to your WWS reports if any of you guys actually do use the serpents. Once we have a solid night where it's me and the SV hunter (and not just me) I was really curious to see the numbers if you guys can verify that the serpents are ideal for such a DPS race.
  2. Kluian

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    The difference between them is pretty small. If you have good enough crit though I believe the wind serpent pulls ahead slightly. All our hunters use wind serpents at the moment.
  3. Frore

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    Yeah I forget what crit % it starts to beat our the ravager due to the focus gains, but it happens.

    Also, they eat mage food ftw
  4. Assuming Big gives the hunters a druid, we can easily hit 41-42 crit as BM. Maybe higher. With Middle as SV he gets a bit more. If I don't get the druid, then I usually sit around 35-36. Is that even enough for the serpent?
  5. Purify

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    Failchu fails as a pet.
  6. Aubrey

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    check out skyarks and hunchus crit and see what they are at
  7. Will do
  8. I checked out Hunchu and Skyark and they seem to have right around the same crit I do unbuffed. Granted I could still use a Cursed Vision to finally and definitively replace this damn t5 helm, I think I'll give the Serpent a shot tonight. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Skyark

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    Both the wind serpent and the ravager are pretty equal in dps. Although the serpent can be nicer for focus dumping if you're critting a lot with the go for the throat talent, specially with lusts, rapid fire ext. I also find serpents more convenient since they eat mana biscuits too.
  10. Evilstamper

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    Whenever a hunter comes in late and asks for a "table", I am only going to conjure water.
  11. Unfortunately we only did BT last night, and another hunter needed the gear more than I did so I'll have to wait to test this on Sunday assuming we head to Brut after finishing BT. But yeah I definitely appreciate the fast replies. I always knew Windserpents were decent, but I had no idea they were still as popular. Seemed as if everyone jumped on the ravager bandwagon shortly after BC hit. And yeah it is nice that they eat Mage food. I bit the bullet yesterday and lvled one from 67-70 because I liked the red ones from Blades Edge better than the blue ones. Got him all the way to loyalty lvl 5, then just as I was drinking and about to hearth, he hit lvl 6. Weird how that timing works.

    By the way, best of luck on Muru. Have you guys started him yet? I saw you did the whole reverse twins thing.
  12. Frore

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    I hate ravagers, ugly and they randomly go into seizure mode just standing there shaking.

    And wind serpents look cool while swimming after someone :p
  13. Aubrey

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    yea, got entrop to 48%ish aka phase 2 muru. will be working on him sun/mon
  14. Grrrrrrrats, guys. I had planned to ninja my into GC just before you guys killed ol' Jaedan, charm, sex, wine, dine, and even draw my way into the loot council's minds, bodies, and souls, and grab a Legendary. I'm hoping the pillow talk I had with Kluian last night is still on the table. He'll let me know, I'm sure.
  15. Dude....don't even link 4 hours of wiping to me. We had to do BT last night with about....8 or so of our best players offline I think? Maybe more even. Anyway, we had Ros - Illidan alive, and in 4 hours we only killed RoS and Mother. I should say 3, because we had to start over an hour late. Ugh....such a horrible night.
  16. Aubrey

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    he was linkiing a 7% entorpious wipe >.>
  17. OUCH. I should have looked at that closer. Well you guys will get him. No worries there. I'm sure that stung though :/. Almost as much as those 200 lightning strikes in 15 min we had here tonight. Did you guys get the tornados up there, Thunder?
  18. Aubrey

    Aubrey Guild Member

    got some in ATL tonight >.> tornado warning ftl
  19. Yeah I'm in Douglasville myself, so the most we saw was the massive lightning and the literally PINK sky at the end. That was really weird. I've seen sunsets before, but I can vividly remember after Hurricane Opal that the sky and "outside" was literally yellow/green as if you were wearing a pair of those shades. Last night after the storms rolled through, it was the same thing, only pink.