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  1. i am on alliance side and i just recently speced moonkin and i was wondering i you would be able to share your secrets with me. ive armoried you and built my spec and gear according to yours, and i was just yearning to find out your rotation in raids and if you are top DPS as fars as performance is concerned. just looking to maximize performance. if we could talk that would be awesome. thanks

  2. bareilles

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    just grunt
  3. Kluian

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    He forges the logs to make it looks like he does that much damage. Did you really think a moonkin could DPS like that?
  4. ehh with my rotation im usually in 4-5th place at around 6.6k dps on normal bosses not including bosses like hodir. looking for tips on if i can get up to 7 maybe even close to 8k

    SPAM HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Malbuth

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    Contact me in game sometime. Can't release my moonkin secrets publicly you know?
  6. Malb

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    I don't think this is a secret.

    1) Turn into giant owl thing.

    2) .......

    3) Profit