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    But if you want to know why I did it? Maybe I was going for Kingpin rank. It ended in a mere ~1 yr 4 months is the truth. I was 20 years old. I did hard time in the county (THE C O U N T Y); I did not get raped down the road or anything. Tbh, I was scared to death about that type of shit because I heard stories. I saw a man with boobs and was scared because I had to look at him everyday.. and one time.. I saw him above the shower thingy and it looked weird as fuck. It was hard to sleep for awhile but people left uncomfortable and he was removed. My game was insane I thought, I moved up so fast.. ya know? The idea was connect buying and getting bigger. They say I can win the love of any dudeman because of the quality of my work. I can their game all together. Yes.. those big bad hard as fuck guys can change their games for me. Because I said.. we can do it even better and get them to buy into my ideas.

    The story is funny! Maybe I can be like Breaking Bad maybe! These charges are insane for 18-20 years old ya think? I mean, if KLUIAN can even say some weird shit like, "did you make a lot money on the RMAH??" recently.. people are surprised after they find out about this shit!

    BUT KNOW THIS.. I don't have much good things to say about GENTLEMENS CLUB now.. and that is the sadness of BAD REPUTATION. BECAUSE Gentlmens Club's Raiders are losers that like to bring past and personal shit and only make fun of them because they can actually find out (no direct talking about it)! It's like their bragging because they can find out peoples past charges! That's funny to me now... if it's the TRUTH.

    Oh yeah.. I like goldmaking and playing the virtual economies now... I play this hard and go to school.

    But Gentlmens Club's Raiders are losers that do this type of shit is known now with YOU AS A GENTLEMENS CLUB RAIDER NAUTIX.
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    Gentlemens Club is whack as fuck. They have raiders that dig up shit about their own members and make fun of them about it.

    This is how it's run in Gentlemens Club.

    I'll leave this way if this is how it's done.
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    This might be the best topic in the history of the GC forums.

    I think Lumi may have spiraled into a legitimate crazy person.
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    In Football, if you're a beast.. who the fuck cares what you do personally. It works the same with employment btw. If you're a beast..they change the rules for you.. who cares about your charges and record ya know? I know players can change the game.

    I mean look at Ripz. He ran into the fire to go for the sharkshooter. It was crazy, who knows if he's gonna live this. But I bought into what he did and had to dive into the fire too! I felt like it was the right thing to do... I know intension would have came right after too!

    He was like Peter, and I was like Paul. Ripz was the first guy, and I was the second guy! This is how a revolution starts!!! It was like Christianity!

    You know.. in a fraps, it would have looked like a crazy act of heroism or something...

    I see people on the street now thanking me about my great service to them. Always extra for them.. ya know? I did it so they know for a fact it's more.. I got pushed around by their price discounts and do it ya know? It's not until my peoples do some fucked up shit like rip out the stems to weigh it where I have to draw the line man! This is how they lost me forever! (For clarification if Nautix is young.. they have to grow on something btw. It's not that lower grade, fart tasting shit). They know what I say is only the truth. They'll never be mislead by what I say.

    Okay fine. We're cool Nautix. If you want, I'll clean up my threads. I'm sorry about getting pissed... just I don't like this shit. Just no more, okay Nautix? Be nice to people... but I know it's hard until you're bad and have to be nice. I know this because I'm the nicest now... I was the baddest before... ya know? In the county, I was bad.. I thought I was the shit.. and got punched a lot.. got beat a lot.. and now.. I'm very respectful :) I know I treat all grown ups correctly.. I respect every adult to the MAX because I know they are seriously with all they say... (they mean it, they'll pop you if you say they're joking...) The adults say JOKING = LYING and are serious.

    I don't know what happened ya know? ~2 years I never got upset here.. but I come back and my blood pressure is crazy high now. I can't believe I blow up 2 times since being back.. that's 2 times in 8 years I blew up like this. I don't know what happened..

    I'm sorry for getting upset at you Nautix.
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    uhh i just got my wisdom teeth out and i'm all drugged up. is this part of that?
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    Best thread of 2014. Come for the logs, stay for the clusterfuck?
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    Is this real life?
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    I guess it doesn't matter now, but this is probably the last thread I make here because the replies are kind of funny and unrelated. So I don't want to make threads or talk here ever. Cya.

    A KOREAN that wanted to talk here to talk about their achievements and feats (so someone can one day ask them him for help on that thingy maybe..;) ) leaves this place FOREVER.

    GOLD MEDAL talks and ideas in is OUT. I know these topics to WHITE PEOPLE are only taken as "epeen" posts but these types of things are BASICALLY THE ONLY INTERESTING THINGS TO TALK ABOUT AS KOREANS.

    THIS GUILD IS NOT WANT SSAMJJANG RANK DREAMERS TO TALK OR HANG OUT HERE. THE "go for gold" players are not welcome here. Their threads are never taken seriously and are pushed. This is how is done now. I can not talk about proudly right now. I shame...

    Maybe they should not use officers as a retirement rank, but rather, as servants for the guild.
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    I thought someone makes this thread then everyone "[1:1] Challenger" it. If no one can challenge my threads then this is all boring stuff in guild forum.

    Edit: Sry. Bad grammer, I'm a korean twinkie.

    Only lazy Koreans would want to come here...
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    related to what? granted i'm not that lucid, but i'm pretty sure none of this makes sense.
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    A KOREAN that wanted to talk here to talk about their achievements and feats (so someone can one day ask them him for help on that thingy maybe..;) ) leaves this place FOREVER.


    Elsewhere, other guild is bragging about making 9 million in guild farm runs..
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    i'm sensing he is unhappy in some way
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    I am gotten... What you think about like a Blizzard Pavillion one day?? This place will be like a Blizzard BLACK market resellers haven (shh..shhh!) that'll have one of the biggest publicized RANKED fireside tournaments or something.. lol. The prizepool... will be insane...if it's used as advertisement power as a [email protected] I mean yes... we have Milky's..
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    Bank of Kerry is out of gold on Korgath. Please donate gold cap to keep me happy. THANKS LUMI GOOD FRIEND LEVELING BUDDY OF LATE NIGHT MONEY FUNS.
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    Is Lumi arguing with himself at this point? I'm confused.
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    I'm just lost and confused. Where's the mmo-champion/official foruforums copy paste of this thread.
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    I know I would have pushed out the leveling.. if you made me work harder, if you kept asking me to do it. I know I could have done the recruit-a-friend right. I'm sorry for failing at this. I know next time I will do my best, if you give me another opportunity to fix my mistakes.
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    THE BEA --BLIZZARD ENFORCEMENT AGENCY-- has been oppressive. It's been kinda messed up man.. we get flagged and iced now for mailing mail between our owns accounts.

    In D3, they iced me again when I buy an item on the RMAH between two different accounts. My GM on the phone could not unice right away even, she had to go downstairs and talk to the BEA - BLIZZARD ENFORCEMENT AGENCY to make sure it is okay first!

    Man.. me and Kluian got got for just buying some Epic gems on AH! We didn't even know they were dupes!! In the end, they must've saved us from a catastrophe... if... they... gave our... gold... back... ya know?

    They ice us sometimes.. when we act too hot... (like talk about character trading in gchat!! I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. in game is permanently logged).
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    Those logs are worthless without WotLK bosses. #1 lord jaraxxus, pink domination.