Top World of Logs Ranked for GC Guild

Discussion in 'Public Board' started by Luminatyra, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. spanko

    spanko Guild Member

    holy shit jimmy buy a gun and protect yourself
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  2. spanko

    spanko Guild Member

    What's sharkshooter?
  3. Nautix

    Nautix Guild Member

    I'll call it "little, little David"
  4. Shoosta

    Shoosta Guild Member

    best christmas present ever

    thanks everyone
  5. Shoosta

    Shoosta Guild Member

  6. Luminatyra

    Luminatyra Guest

    Dude listen.. I get it.. we all got it with normal mode cheesing. Kluian especially -_- But they are still the top ranks that's still there lol

    I think this is right. If y'all didn't make normal mode rank #1 parsing runs like me, Verbal, and Kluian then you guys are weak!
  7. Gartak

    Gartak Guild Member

    Fuck yeah, Paladins were #1 in WotLK. I miss my paladin. I might boost it up to 90 and level it to 100 because I'm seeing that Ret is tearing it up again this expansion.
  8. Luminatyra

    Luminatyra Guest

    #1? Live or die... WE RIDE TONIGHT!! We go for gold.... nothing else. WE WILL WIN IF WE GO FOR GOLD!!
  9. Dobbers

    Dobbers Guild Member

    I blame mcshyt for this..