What's up GC long time no see!!

Discussion in 'Public Board' started by Firestarter, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Seem's like your doing well!!! Dam you guys are in Korgath now :sad:
    Oh well I hope you guys keep it up. I just wanted to drop in and say what’s up since the entire horde on SR now suck. The only person left to bug is Brodumrick. Anyways Firewiper gots to make his appearances now and then. Can’t let the legend die you know. Oh and that was a funny ventrillo download of your ex-priest who sold.

    SO discuss who the new pimp of GC? and you can ask Firewiper anything and I mean anything :redface:
  2. Jenox

    Jenox Guild Member

    All I can say is that alot has changed and it really isn't the same old GC from Stormreaver.
  3. ustrel

    ustrel Guild Member

    And by that he means that a lot of the old members you might remember have gone from WoW Pimps to Forum Trolls due to the fact they wanted out of the game...though they hang around like those kids that just graduated at the school's first football game, We all know they are just waiting for TBC to make an apperance back. With that said Jenox is right, GC now isn't the GC from SR. It's a better raiding guild, but has lost some of its "flavor". We still have rediculous french canadians though...damnit... :biggrin:
  4. The guild still has that distinct GC flavor.
  5. /kiss FS