Your mission...should you choose to accept it!

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  1. Greetings.

    I am approaching your guild to participate in the survey article for Elitist Jerks Wiki.

    Before I begin, please note that I have written this post only once and as such, this is like a boiler plate. If I have at any point in the past come across your guild and am familiar with your guild in more ways than a name on commonly visited warcraft related web-sites, then please note that the generic approach is universal and do not take anything personally.

    Criteria for the approach (can be any one or combination of them):
    · You are/have been in top 100 US in The Burning Crusade
    · You are an old guild and/or gaming community that has potentially come from a different game.
    · I have personally come across your website and liked the appearance of your recruiting process. The validity of which remains to be seen.
    · I have personal experience with your recruiting process and as such deem you a worthy participant. (I am writing the article, you don’t have to like this one)
    · You have come recommended from a fellow author/player.

    Onto the meat of the issue then, shall we?

    Yours truly is an author for Elitist Jerks Theorycrafting Think Tank with a task to write a survey article on best practices in the recruiting process.

    With Wrath of The Lich King just around the corner, many guilds will be changing rosters and make-up, people will quit, old timers will come out and the need for recruiting will arise again and the competition will be fierce.

    As you can see your guild has been chosen to participate, should you be willing, ready and able. All you will have to do is provide some basic information, which will come to you in a form of a questionnaire.

    If you do chose to participate, please send me a PM on your forums. I have approached a lot of guilds and as such, do not hold it against me if I can’t babysit your forums for the reply. I can, however, babysit my email and I will see the notification. I realize that this is an extra step, but please help me out if you can.

    Some housekeeping rules that are important to know:

    I can either disclose or not disclose the name of your guild, website etc. - depends if you desire notoriety or are already famous/infamous of your own accord.

    Even if you choose to participate, I reserve the right not to include information you provided in the article. Sorry, but c’est la vie.

    If you get accepted as a guild in the survey, you should be willing to answer some additional and more customized questions about your recruiting process. Potential vent interview may be requested. If this is the case, vent info will be sent to you.

    What’s in it for you?

    Notoriety and a name/website in the acknowledgements of the article including name of the GM and the recruiting officer (provided both are involved in the recruiting process) to be forever commemorated on the Elitist Jerks Theorycrafting Think Tank Wiki. I will include your name as a willing participant even if I don’t include your process in the article.

    Stroke to your ego that I picked you. I know it’s not much, but hey, it’s something.

    My eternal gratitude for not being a douche and actually caring about bettering World of Warcraft community as a whole and the environment we play in.

    A willing participant in the ‘Instruction Manual’ to weed out the apps we have all received at some point or another. ‘IR UBER, KEN I JOIN UR GILD, KKTHXBAI’

    Last but not least, we all know who visits EJ. If nothing else, it is a commercial for your guild. All you have to do is answer some questions.

    So what do you say?

    Thank you very much for your consideration in the matter and I hope we will have an opportunity to discuss your recruiting process in more detail.

    P.S. If you do decide to participate, please allow 24-48 hours for me to send you the questionnaire.
  2. Triumvirate

    Triumvirate Guild Member

    i feel special
  3. Kluian

    Kluian Fearless Leader

    Jaxx is still in the guild so I think I failed on the whole recruiting thing.
  4. bhoredom

    bhoredom Guild Member

  5. Malb

    Malb Guild Member

    You need to tap into your darker side, feel it flow within you.
  6. Purify

    Purify Guild Member

    Malb's good at taking care of situations likes these...
  7. Frore

    Frore Administrator

    you're just too nice despite the screaming
  8. Myrx

    Myrx Guild Member

    He's a lover not a fighter.
  9. Letum

    Letum Casus

    No he is not, you are still in the guild.
  10. Malb

    Malb Guild Member

    Purify was under water, and then I stopped raiding, what do you want omg.

    Back to Jaxx, if Kluian really wants to kick him, the best way to do it the first time and lose your nice guy virginity is constantly associate Jaxx with bad things that happen to you during the day, whether it's a bad grade, getting hit by a car, finding out that girl was really a guy, whatever it takes. Then let it stew inside you for a little bit but always associate Jaxx with your anger and then kick him out, you will find your anger eases up some and ultimately your health is dependent on it. And after the first time of either ignoring tells or trying to be nice, it just snaps in your head that hey "im the fucking guild leader and soandso is from the internet, I don't give a rat's ass what they think or say, they will move on and i did what's best for the guild and my health."

    And then you just systematically go down the roster and pick one person at a time and peel away at the problem people giving ease to the good people in the guild. Being nice is only really being nice if no one else is suffering.
  11. Letum

    Letum Casus

    OMG what do I want?

    You are not the Nazi I once knew, /cry
  12. Malb

    Malb Guild Member

    My point is simply that I can't just get online and start kicking raider when i don't raid anymore. I mean sure if Kluian gives me the go ahead to make a hit, I'll log on and kick whomever he wants if that gives his conscious some ease.
  13. Letum

    Letum Casus

    Dissapointed Malb.
  14. Malb

    Malb Guild Member

    You know how many people I have to kick to keep up with your random inviting of people in Hillsbrad? It becomes a full time job
  15. Letum

    Letum Casus

    Except my hillsbrad buddies have more intelligence then some of our priest raiders combined, just saying.

    Remember you made that guy cry. Good times.
  16. Malb

    Malb Guild Member

    lol yeah
  17. Myrx

    Myrx Guild Member

    Is this about Sir Casus?
  18. Letum

    Letum Casus

    Lord Casus